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How does it work?

Calypso aims to improve transparency between waste producers and waste collectors by merging the information in real-time to make information readily available and the collectors' routes easily traceable. 


Our Solution

It is a System that creates a direct interaction between local community and waste administration through our Web Platform.


Team Calypso counts with a solid group of individuals who have the necessary skills and knowledge along with the dedication for working on behave of a better future.

The founders Carolina Trichet, the CEO and Mariana Alarcón, the COO (pictured on the left) come from a strong scientific background as researchers and data analysts in robotics and nanotechnologies. 

Maxiel Álvarez recently graduated in Waste Management, is our Waste Management Expert and the newest addition to the team. 

Finally, Carla Scagnetti, our Waste Consultant, is about to culminate her second degree as a Master of Science in Waste Management particularly focused on solid waste, from the Stuttgart University in Germany.


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