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Digital Solution for Waste Management

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A digital solution to achieve a holistic waste management system.

How does it work?

Calypso aims to improve transparency between waste producers and waste collectors by merging the information in real-time to make information readily available and the collectors' routes easily traceable. 


Our Solution

It is a System that creates a direct interaction between local community and waste administration through our Web Platform.

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Receives real-time notifications


Confirm Pick-Up

Route Optimisation


Take the Waste an revalue

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Waste Collector

All the information in real time


Traceability and transparency

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Team Calypso counts with a solid group of individuals who have the necessary skills and knowledge along with the dedication for working on behave of a better future.

Carolina Trichet, founder & CEO and Mariana Alarcón, co-founder & COO. 


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