Let the Evolution Begin!

The beginning of 2020 has turned out a lot different from what most people expected. The world has been shaken, plans have changed, momentum has stopped but time moves on. And while it feels like the world is undergoing a global reset, things are still evolving and growing.

From the perspective of the startup, Calypso has made a lot of strides the past few months. From winning awards to traveling across the Atlantic to network in one of the startup hubs of the world, Calypso continues expanding. So far, the team has submitted applications to set a path for how we can continue moving forward. In future posts we will let you know more in detail about how Calypso has kept the business moving, from past networking events and awards leading to potential future collaborations. This time we all have to remember to keep the energy high and reflect on the positive gains made up to this point. We can do this! *Insert arm flexing emoji here*

But this time right now for Calypso is about taking the opportunity to consider our next moves, make plans, and rest so that tomorrow we can hit the ground running! All the best to others in the same situation. For all those small and new businesses trying to stay afloat, keep striving towards your dreams and goals even in the slow moments. Stay healthy, bleibt gesund, permanezcamos saludables!

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